Bread Power - Kanne 麵包汁
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  • 消化問題和痢疾
  • 膽固醇超標
  • 疾病引起的鉀、鈣和鎂水準降低
  • 毛細血管循環堵塞
  • 各種皮膚病
  • 風濕痛和關節痛
  • 各種腸胃疾病
  • 骨質疏鬆症
  • 高血壓
  • 傷口、創傷、叮咬
  • 糖尿病
  • 失眠
  • 經痛
  • 缺乏活力和能量


"The food for your well-beeing; Bread-Bread Beverage" book
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健康的食物The food for your well-being


麵包 - 麵包飲品Bread – Bread Beverage


有思想的麵包- 意大利諺語Bread can thinkItalian proverb




It’s bread, not the fur that keeps people warm - Russian Wisdom


Information nur fur Angehorige der Heilberufe und des Heilgewerbes




175     以穀物發酵粉修復被油污染泥土及淤泥的研究結果Results of studies of the application of

            Kanne- Fermentgetreide (Flussig) to the rehabilitation of polluted soils and sludge                

            by Dr. Schutz








By Kanne – Brottrunk GmbH & Co., KG


7       感謝所有參與製作此書的工作人員Thanks to the many people who participated in this work !

11     序言Introduction (Lecture given by Mr. Kanne to the Society of Natural Remedies in Pforzbheim on 7th March 1992)

17     卡納麵包汁公司實踐以環保意識來生產及經營,行業內人士及專家的評價Short expert’s opinion on the environmentally conscious management put into practice by the company Kanne–Brottrunk GmbH & Co. KG B.A.U.M.- Bundesdeutscher Arbeitskreis Fur umweltbewuBtes, Management e.V.

25     日益增加的現代疾病對人困擾的報告Reports on an increasing number of Modern diseases disturb people!

29     新陳代謝疾病欠缺的食物Metabolic diseases -  A problem of missing foodstuffs

35     免疫缺陷引起的疾病及相應的治療方法General Immunodeficiency diseases and their treatment by corresponding measures by Wilhelm Kanne

43     霉菌病對生命的威脅應重視Mycoses (Fungi triggering diseases) should be taken seriously cause they threaten our lives                                                                         by Walter H. Rauscher Non-medical practitioner Karlsruche

47     白唸珠菌及提議給感染者的飲食方法Candida Albicans (Degenerated Saccaromycetic):                                   Dietary recommendations for those affected    by Wilhelm Kanne

55     用穀物發酵粉的臨床經驗分享Medical experiences with Kanne-Brottrunk and Kanne-Fermentgetreide        by Udo Renzenbrink, M.D.

59     乳酸食品作藥用-以希波克拉底醫派的思想Foodstruff with Lactic Acid as medicine in the Hippocratic Sense        by M. Wortlitschek, M.D.

67     婦女的不協調健康問題Use against  female disorder and coordination          by K. Knopp, M.D.

73     乳酸飲品對心理狀態及健康影響The effect of Lactic Acid beverages on the psychological state and on health     by Prof R. Grossarth-Maticek

81     以麵包汁處理腸胃道,呼吸道感染,神經與循環系統的問題Treatment of Respiratory infections, Gastro-intestinal diseases and Neuro-circulatory dystonia with Kanne-Brottrunk                                by Dr. Wladimir Makarewitsch, Dr. Ivan Lesetschko, Senior Physician  Children’s hospital of the Mogilev region

87     乳酸食品的重大意義Significance and use of the Lactic Acid foodstuff  Kanne-Brottrunk  Contribution to the Documentation fo special “Therapeutical conceptions and of natural cures in Europe”, published by ZDN, the centre of documentation of naturoparthy, Hufelandstrasse 56, 44147 Essen  Prepared by the ZDN and published by the FFB on behalf of the Niedersachsisches Ministerium fur Wirtschaft, Technologie und Verkehr.

95     Weber 醫生的成功減重餐單Dr. Weber Diet Successful reduction of weight by Kanne-Brottrunk Lecture given in Lunen on 22 May 1991    by Dr. Ulrich Weber, M.D. (General practitioner)      

99     德國特殊診所治療敏感及退化問題SPECIAL CLINIC OF NEUKIRCHEN  SPECIAL CLINIC FOR THE TREATMENT OF ALLERGIC AND DEGENERATIVE DISEASES                            GmbH & Co., KG Medical director : Johannes Muller-Steinwachs, dermatologist                     The Bundesverband Neurodermitiskranker in Deutschland e.V. Mr. Jurgen Pfeifer

德國特殊診所SPECIAL CLINIC OF NEUKIRCHEN                                                                     Dr. rer.nat.G. Ionescu – Scientific director                                                                         J. Muller-Steinwachs – Senior consultant of the clinic                                                     Dr. rer. Nat. R.Kiechl – Director of the laboratory                                                            Dr. G Peters – Ward doctor                                                                                              Dr. I. Neumann –Ward doctor                                                                                           Dr. V. Peters – Ward doctor

105   由穀物發酵而成乳酸飲品對人類新陳代謝的效果Effect of a Lactate beverage made from fermented cereals on the human metabolism   by F. Matzkies  Clinic of the spa gardens of Bad Neustadt/Saale (Professor Fritz Matzkies, M.D.)

115   乳酸食品用於精神和體力疲勞,慢性胃炎,肌痛及腱炎的效用Effect of Lactic Acid products on mental and physical exhaustion, chronic gastritis, myalgia and tendinitis Results, experimental studies      by Prof R. Grossarth – Maticek

123   乳酸飲品對經常感冒及傷風的影響Influence of a Lactic Acid beverage on frequency of influenza and of colds      by Prof R. Grossarth-Maticek

133   電力線引起的疾病Diseases caused by field lines by Wilhelm Kanne

139   關於蘇聯兒童受幅射影響的研究及結果Study results of the use of Brolacta Kanne-Brottrunk in children from the Mogilev control region.   Study carried out by I. Lesetschko, M.D. on instruction by the regional minister of health Mr. Matinowski, M.D.     Children’s hospital Mogileve R. Belarus

143   麵包汁的活動方式Mode of action of the bread beverage by Ulf Bohmig, M.D. Karnten

147   穀物發酵粉的活動方式Mode of action of the fermented cereals by Ulf Bohmig, M.D. Karnten

149   自然食療與高性能運動Natural diet and high-performance sports by Peter W. Billigmann, M. D. (physician specialized in sports medicine and former racing cyclist in the national team)

161   競爭及持久運動的合適飲食Right diet during competitions in endurance sports - The secret of the bread beverage  by Hermann Aschwer

165   以穀物發酵液餵食給小乳牛的牧場測試Kanne-Fermentgetreide (Liquid) in a three months’ field test in feeding milk cows      Test procedure : Dr. Tammer Konigswinter/Ittenbach

167   小馬兒被餵食穀物發酵粉的田野測試Kanne-Fermentgetreide in a 6 months’ field test in horse feeding   Test procedure: Dr. Tammer Konigswinter/Ittenbach

171   以穀物發酵粉修復被油污染泥土的初步研究Preliminary study on the rehabilitation of soil polluted by oil by Kanne Fermentgetreide         by Dr. Wostmann & Zentgraf Geo-Umweltschutz GmbH, Dr. Schutz